Biography / CV

Mary di Paola was born in 1958 and has lived and worked in Montreal all her life. An early interest in fine art and graphic art led to undergraduate studies in both disciplines, followed by a successful career as a designer in print media. Parallel to this work history, di Paola continued to grow as a painter. Di Paola developed her painting style under the tutelage of Françoise Sullivan, Yves Gaucher and Leopold Plotex at Concordia. Her ongoing work in both graphic design and painting has helped contribute to her skills in various mediums and informs her painting style today. Di Paola maintains an interest in the relationship between art production and the greater social whole. Her body of work reflects this interest by engaging in themes of the urban environment and its resulting push/pull dynamic on the artist’s psychic life.



2013: “Darkness at the edge…” curated by Thom Sokoloski
Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts
Toronto (Ontario) Canada

2012: Recent works, Galerie 3C Gallery
Montreal (Quebec) Canada

2012: “La Vie/Life”, Galerie 3C Gallery
Montreal (Quebec) Canada

2011: “Rêves/Dreams”, Galerie 3C Gallery
Montreal (Quebec) Canada

2009: Art Photo Wall, Nice Music
Montreal (Quebec) Canada

1998: Arbo-Expo, Fritz Farm Community Center
Montreal (Quebec) Canada

1998: Art & Fashion, Nevik
Montreal (Quebec) Canada



Cultural Studies, Sociology M.A program (1990) (not completed)
Concordia University, Montreal (Quebec) Canada

Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Sociology  (1987)
Concordia University, Montreal (Quebec) Canada

Bachelor in Fine Arts, Major in Fine Art (1981)
Concordia University, Montreal (Quebec) Canada

D.E.C. (Diplôme d’Études Commerciales), Commercial Art Program (1977)
Dawson College, Montreal (Quebec) Canada



Art Instructor, Project P.A.L. Alternative in Mental Health Care (1993-1995):
Developed and facilitated weekly 3-hour art course.

Art editor, Family Tree, monthly family newsmagazine (1990-92) defunct:
Responsible for the design and production of children’s 4-page special section.
Also involving the selection and/or creation of editorial illustrations overall.

Les Lucioles, documentary short film collective (2005):
Design and production of film screening poster.

Volatile works, media arts collective (2003-2005): Design and production of film posters,
and promotional material. Also, creation of various film props.
(i.e. logos,newspaper replicas, cereal box, letterheads)

Social Justice committee, non-profit organization (1997-2004):
Book design and production for collection of academic articles; 264 pages.
Design and production of position pamphlets, ads and special event poster.

Hand printed greeting cards (1994): “Pomegranate” and “persimmon” series,
2-colour lino engraving, available at local bookstore.

Curaggia, (Writing by Women of Italian Descent) Women’s Press, Toronto (Ontario) Canada
(1998): Collection of writing and artwork. Contributed an illustration “Little Etna”:
mixed mediums, black and white ink drawing, acrylic paint.

Founding member, FINELINE (1985-1986). Special interest group,
Sociology Department, Concordia University, and Founding member, S.E.T.I. (1982-1984).
Special interest group, ethnic community. Contributed to groups’ development from initial
definitional stages to coordinating activities to meet established goals. Included the design
and production of posters and informational brochures.