Artist Statement


Mary di Paola’s works are inspired by occurrences in day-to-day life. Eventful stories unfold over time and their narratives twist and turn, playing out in an emotional arena that is conflictual, often contradictory, and yet optimistic. It is this optimism that draws di Paola’s attention, springing as it does from the human compulsion to fix what is broken and, thereby, sow the seed of hope. What moves us; what motivates? Di Paola’s themes explore movement as a state of mind, and constant flux as an aspect of the human condition.

Di Paola’s technique is to use colour as form, in an abstract configuration, to create expressions that are largely non-representational. The colour palette defines the tone of the piece. Colour also defines a nonlinear perspective, achieved through a series of contrasting colour areas and treatments – visible hard edges contrasted by soft blurred strokes; modulated, shaped colour contrasted by flat areas of colour. Equally important is the use of line and gestural marks for their emotive qualities, as is the use of impasto, leaving visible marks made by scratching or drawing into the surface. In addition, the combination of acrylic paint and other media results in a richly textured, dynamic movement across the picture plane.

Di Paola’s recent work deals with movement as a state of mind: remodeling, coasting, posing. Each one bespeaks emotional narratives where logic and rationale give way to a sincerity borne of the imagination.